The Wayne Country Raccoon Hunters Assoc. is the oldest raccoon hunting club in Michigan. Formed in 1948, the club moved to its current location in 1963. We’ve become a bit more than raccoon hunting though. We offer a number of shooting activities – please explore our activities off the main page.

Board Members:

Jason Pearson, President
Roy Neal, Vice President
Colleen Maguire, Secretary
Eric Trytko, Treasurer
Rob Gaffney, Range Master
Geff Bush
Ross Palmer
Jim Panyard
Dan Sears
Bob Walzer

Our Location:

Please read the following information if you need directions to the Range!
Note that USPS does not deliver to our street address. The club has a PO box which should be used instead:
Google Maps below 37950 Wick Rd.

PO Box 74056
Romulus MI 48174