The Wayne Country Raccoon Hunters Assoc. is the oldest raccoon hunting club in Michigan. Formed in 1948, the club moved to its current location in 1963. We’ve become a bit more than raccoon hunting though. We offer a number of shooting activities – please explore our activities off the main page.

Board Members:

Jason Pearson, President
Roy Neal, Vice President
Colleen Maguire, Secretary
Eric Trytko, Treasurer
Rob Gaffney, Range Master
Geff Bush
Jim Panyard
Ross Palmer
Dan Sears
Bob Walzer
Dave McNarney

Our Location:

Please read the following information if you need directions to the Range!
Note that USPS does not deliver to our street address. The club has a PO box which should be used instead:
Google Maps below 37950 Wick Rd.

PO Box 74056
Romulus MI 48174